From Farm to Table For 150 Years

Fast forward to today and much has changed about the cheese business.

Massive multinationals, chemical aging and trade wars have resulted in cheeses that those 19th century pioneers would barely recognize. But not here in the village of Bright, Ontario. Here we’re still known for our naturally-aged cheese made with 100% local milk by people who genuinely care about making great cheese. Once you taste it, we’re sure you’ll understand why we still honour the traditional methods.

Bright Cheese.Naturally made dairy products from the local fields of Ontario farmers.

Everyone at Bright Cheese, from the local Ontario farmers to the generations of cheese-masters using traditional methods, take pride in crafting high quality dairy products. We think both you and your family will enjoy them as much as we do.


In 1874, a group of local farmers got together to discuss a business idea. Realizing they had a surplus of quality milk each month from their dairy herds and not happy about wasting it, they established Bright Cheese & Butter.