Cheese Chunks

The enduring popularity of cheddar has a lot to do with its unique texture. The crumbly mouth-feel of high quality cheddar is probably one of the first things you notice when you pop it into your mouth. Once the cheese is made, the curd that forms on the top is diced to release the remaining liquid, called whey.

The different flavours of cheddar from around he world are the result of differing milk flavours, aging times, and the intentions of the cheese-maker. Our master cheese makers will take into account a lot of factors such as pH to determine when our cheese is ready.

Nobody knows exactly when aging cheese was invented, but the first person who did it was probably very forgetful and very brave. Since then the practice of aging cheese has been refined. Part science, part art, aging is a delicate process. Once the cheese has been made, it is stored in a special facility with tightly controlled temperature and humidity levels. Workers closely monitor the cheese and watch for the bacterial cultures to grow just right.

How long does it take? That depends. Cheeses can take weeks, months, or even years to reach their peak. Higher volume production cheeses may simulate the aging process by adding chemicals to the cheese (something we never do). By sticking to tradition and using quality ingredients, our aged cheeses are the real thing. Try them for yourself, your taste buds won’t lie.

Feta is a traditional Greek cheese made from a variety of milk types including sheep, cow and and goat. When you buy a block of feta, you’ll notice that it comes in a solution of salt and water called a ‘brine’. You may recognize the term from other foods made with a brine, such as pickles and anchovies. Aside from serving as a stabilizing agent, the brine also gives the feta a moist and slightly salty quality.

Our Greek style feta cheese is a versatile cheese. Try adding it to salads and sandwiches, or on eggs or nachos. For a more unique dish, try adding it to chicken, fish, or even grilled vegetables.

In 1874, a group of local farmers got together to discuss a business idea. Realizing they had a surplus of quality milk each month from their dairy herds and not happy about wasting it, they established Bright Cheese & Butter.